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Palbit Engraving 64067

Higher performance and faster setup on engraving operations

The most significant barrier in the engraving is the time it takes to replace the tool.

Focused on this, Palbit engineers developed a solution to overcome it. With the indexable line Engraving 64067, only the insert needs to be replaced. Consequently, the downtime is sharply reduced, leading to a productivity boost!


Coated with PHH920, this insert is suitable for machining:


With the uncoated grade PH0610, this insert is suitable for machining:

The best solution for engraving operations

  • Incredibly reduce the engraving cycle time
  • The most advantageous combination of cost, quality and sustainability
  • Optimization of machine run time thanks to fewer stoppages for tool change
  • No need to reset after changing the cutting edge or insert
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Designed to operate seamlessly with a wide range of materials


High positive rake angle
Suitable for engraving all types of materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal, carbon steel and plastic.

Multi-side grinding
Full peripherally ground insert to ensure efficient repeatability. It performs excellently without producing any burrs, especially in aluminum and stainless steel.

High speeds and feed rates
Reduces engraving cycle time.

Optimized machine runtime
Each indexable insert has two cutting edges. No resharpen required. No need to reset after changing the cutting edge or insert.

Non-Vibration Toolholder
Carbide shank for reduced vibrations on longer holders. Optional steel shank for smaller holders.

Product Range



Toolholders for engraving machining operations.


Inserts for engraving machining operations.


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