NEW! Milling Swap Program

Palbit Swap Program

Our swap program enables customers to exchange their ineffective or old milling cutters for brand-new Palbit Tools: hassle-free on a one-time order.

1. Here's the deal:
We will swap out any competitor’s milling cutter body for FREE, with the purchase of ten inserts per pocket. This can be done via a single order or a blanket order, with 3 monthly releases. For example, a 4-pocket cutter requires an order of 40 inserts to qualify.


2. How does it work?
Place the Palbit tool order with a Pilot Precision Products Distributor, ship the other brand cutters to that Distributor and voila! Upon the Distributor’s reception of both, we will ship a complete package with the new cutters and inserts ordered. If a blanket order is preferred, the release of inserts will be based on the POs referenced scheduling.


3. Why consider this offer?
First and foremost, the Palbit milling cutters we selected for this offer are top-of-the-line, modern, and are efficiently designed using the latest carbide insert grades, geometries, and features (100% manufactured in-house for over 100 years). They have been proven to outperform competitors most of the time.


We understand the costs, risks, and headaches faced by customers when it comes to managing non-performing, used, or worn-out milling cutters effectively. That’s why we have developed a convenient and cost-saving program that not only addresses these concerns but also promises to increase productivity while saving on direct costs.


Choose from the following product families:

  • SN45 Facemill
  • XN20 Tetrafeed High Feed Mill
  • SO10 Hi-Feed Mill
  • XP90 Shoulder Mill
  • AN90 Shoulder Mill 4-sided insert

Call Pilot Precision Products at 413-350-5200 or your local distributor to place your order. You can also fill out the form below.

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